Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Book Creator, An App Exploring the World of 4 C's!

Book Creator, an iPad app allows students to bring their imagination alive through many features and options included in this "must have" app. Use the handy "in app" tutorial, or watch this video made from the tutorial.

When creating books, I like for students to not only write about their knowledge on the subject area they're excited to share, but also to add "across the curriculum" challenges for the reader to think deeper.  In my book, I used a graphic organizer, a math challenge and a writing connection to help my audience connect at a deeper level of thinking.

This graphic organizer was created in Popplet, and if your students would like to use it when reading my book, I'd love to highlight some of their describing words here on my blog.  You can print out the PDF and then take a picture of the students work to send back to me.  Student created graphic organizers would also be great to feature!

Is your mind popping with ideas of how you could use Book Creator in "across the curriculum" activities? With students needing to accelerate in the four C's, creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking, this application provides all these opportunities.

Two of the C's, communication and collaboration seem to be harder for teacher to find opportunities and outlets for these skills. I use my blog to host created work, and I tweet out the blog post for other classes on Twitter to interact with. Commenting can be accomplished on the blog or Twitter.  If you want to collect these tweets and create a story with them, use Storify like my friend Karen Lirenman did below.  Her students had an excellent conversation with author Elise Gravel about her book The Slug and what an amazing Storify it made! Read the conversation below.

Once you've created some of your own books, I would love to see your work, so tweet them to me (@kitty_tripp) including your book's URL address.

You'll never know the places your student work will take you.  My students traveled the world with classes who loved joining in, so it's time for your class to get started joining the global community to collaborate and communication.  Book Creator can be an excellent tool to help develop an engaging audience for your student's creativity and critical thinking!  I can't wait to see your work and the exciting connections you're making through your books!

Be Blessed,

One of Miss Tripp's Book Creator books turned into a video:
Two Brothers from K Tripp on Vimeo.

Rights to this Storify belong to Mrs. L's Class and her entire project with this Storify can be found on her blog post entitled A Positive Use of Social Media Strikes Again. Mrs. L's class is a 1st and 2nd grade class in British Columbia.


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