Sunday, July 12, 2015

Twitter, Moving Beyond the Basics

So you have a Twitter account and you're ready to move beyond the basic?!? What's next? How can you move into the world of exciting opportunities Twitter can offer you and your class? You don't have to SEARCH hard to find the answer....



These are the keys to get you successfully move towards harnessing the power of Twitter!

1. Seek out videos, blog posts, articles and any other resources to help you better understand what Twitter has to offer:

2. Explore resources from other educators who currently use Twitter. Why reinvent the wheel when you can utilize the information other are creating? Someone helped them get to the point they are, and they had the desire to help other in creating their insightful resources.  
The dashboard view of Hootsuite

3. Ask questions from a knowledgeable audience.  Don't forget to use your hashtags!


4. Reply when someone mentions you or tweets you directly.

5. Create lists to help you quickly locate specific information and people you want to interact with.

6. Help others through your comments, sharing of information, or giving support in a variety of ways.  

Using these different tips, you can successfully begin traveling the Twittersphere with ease. As with any new tool, it takes time and practice to become proficient. If you become frustrated, put it down and come back later with a renewed enthusiasm.  Occasionally, I take breaks from social media due to different life events, but to make and keep connections, you've got to stay connected.  Best of luck as you continue to grow and develop your Twitter skills!

Today's Agenda

Just for Fun...Twitter comics!

Follow-up 7/13/15
Here's the Storify we created from the tweets written about today's session:

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