Friday, October 23, 2015

Anchors Up! Exploring the C's Beyond Your Territory!

Think of you current level of communication and collaboration for you as a professional and then for the students you work with each day. How can you move beyond the walls of your classroom and engage with the global learning community?  These tools have helped me become an international educators and as you explore them you can as well!

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts provide a communication platform provided by Google that allows you to video chat and instant message anyone who is also on the Google platform.

Educators use these tool in a variety of ways:
  1. Across district content/grade level meetings
  2. Connect with like-minded professionals globally
  3. Professional development library
  4. Virtual field trips for students
  5. Mystery Location and Mystery Number Google Hangouts
  6. Communication and collaboration with anyone anywhere you have a device with a camera connected to the internet.  

Twitter/Google Hangouts/Skype: Your twitter feed has many hidden gems.  Here's the story of how one of my Twitter followers hooked me up for the Skype of a lifetime:

"Over the weekend, I had the most awesome opportunity come up.  A Twitter contact (@ksivick) helped connect me with Michael League, an explorer, researcher, teacher at the McMurdo Station in Antarctica!  He works with an organization called PolarTREC which stands for teachers and researchers exploring and collaborating.  Mr. League is currently in Antarctica, but will be returning this Friday. We don't have much time to prepare, but we are busily get ready for this exciting event!  My class is thrilled we could sqeeze in this excellent learning opportunity."

PolarTREC is a science research company that partners with educators.

International Skype With Beunos Aires, Argentina

Screencastify and Snagit

These screencasting tools allow you to record and take pictures of your screen then use them as video presentations.  These easy to use tools allow your message to multiply your audience and allow your message to be heard as many times a necessary anywhere around the world!  Teachers, you always wanted to have more of you, well, screencasting is the way to accomplish this!

To get started with both of these tools, download these extensions in the Chrome Web Store.

Click here for how to create a screencast in ScreenCastify.

Here's how I currently use these programs:
  1. Video responses demonstrating an answer to questions from people in my district.
  2. Short announcements that I may share through social media and Google Classroom.
  3. Professional development for any topic imaginable! 
  4. Lessons for various topics in my classes
  5. Student produced videos to show higher level thinking skills on topics being studied. 
  6. The sky is the limit.  I find uses for it every day!

Voxer and Periscope


The communication and collaboration apps bring the world to you and those you're working with. Voxer use the "walkie-talkie" approach while Periscope utilizes live video feed to share your event globally.

What is Voxer?

Article: "Why You Should be Voxing."

What is Periscope?  

How do I currently use these programs?
  • Professional learning
  • Communication and collaboration among classrooms and professionals all over the world
  • Mystery Location and Mystery Numbers

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