Thursday, October 15, 2015

Career Day at Merrywood Elementary

I'm so excited to share about my job with the students at Merrywood Elementary tomorrow in Greenwood, SC. They have an annual Career Day for parents and community members to come in and share about their life's work.  This is such a powerful way to help students gain a vision of their potential futures and help inspire them about the endless possibilities that could be their life's direction.    

I'm always curious as to what students want to learn and find out about my job.  What I'm really excited about is I'm taking my audiences to Hong Kong, New Orleans, Miami, and New York City through my sharing and then we're going to broadcast the presentation live, cool is that!!! This is all made possible because of the technology tools I use in job.  They'll also get to explore a little bit more about me through a cool tech tool graphic below.  We're gonna have a blast at Career Day!

What is a Director of Instructional Technology?

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