Wednesday, October 21, 2015

#SCEdTech 2015 Google Demo Slam: Multiply Yourself Through the Power of Screencasting

Screencastify and Snagit

These screencasting tools allow you to record and take pictures of your screen then use them as video presentations.  These easy to use tools allow your message to multiply your audience and allow your message to be heard as many times a necessary!  Teachers, you always wanted to have more of you, well, screencasting is the way to accomplish this!

To get started with both of these tools, download these extensions in the Chrome Web Store.

Click here for how to create a screencast in ScreenCastify.

Here's how I currently use these programs:
  1. Video responses demonstrating an answer to questions from people in my district.
  2. Short announcements that I may share through social media and Google Classroom.
  3. Professional development for any topic imaginable! 
  4. Lessons for various topics in my classes
  5. Student produced videos to show higher level thinking skills on topics being studied. 
  6. The sky is the limit.  I find uses for it every day!

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